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What is Neoland?

Neoland allows you to invest with the help of artificial intelligence. For now, you can create a test account in Neoland and personalize your own AI, which will then act for you according to your preferences and take over the complete portfolio management for you.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is a subfield of computer science in which tasks are solved for which human-like intelligence would usually have to be provided.

Who is Sub Capitals?

Sub Capitals is a startup from Munich that develops financial technology. They are the operators of the Neoland platform. Read more at

How does AI work in Neoland?

Artificial intelligence is not able to think and act according to human standards, but it is very good at learning narrowly defined competencies that can be described with data. Your AI in Neoland has already mastered the competence of time series analysis and risk analysis.:

Time series analysis: Millions of data are generated every second on the financial markets. This data, such as stock prices or unemployment figures, usually represents a time series. Your AI constantly analyzes this data and tries to model future price trends based on it.

Risk analysis: Minimizing risk is a daily challenge. Therefore, your AI has already learned the competence to recognize unusual events and to reduce the risk for you accordingly.

Start your own AI

To start your own AI set up a demo account with Neoland and personalize your AI. Once you have set up your AI, you will be directed to your dashboard where you can monitor the performance of your AI.

Compare your AI with the average

As an average we take the MSCI World, which as a highly diversified index fund in our opinion reflects the average investor very well.

Why should I invest with Neoland?

In Neoland, your AI takes over the complete portfolio management for you. Hours of dealing with technical terms and charts are now a thing of the past.

How does Neoland differ from other providers?

Neoland is the first AI system to use AI exclusively to automate the entire investment process, from analysis to order placement. For you, this means: sit back and relax. The AI works for you.

How much does Neoland cost?

Your test account in Neoland currently costs you nothing.

Where has the AI been tested so far?

We have been developing our AI since 2017, and in spring 2020 it was tested under extreme market conditions and is now ready to be used by you as well.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us!

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Neoland Dashboard Guide:

Your current account balance

Your current account balance shows you how much your AI has already earned for you since the start and how many NEOEURO are currently in your account.

Your current share price development

With the Current Price Development you can transparently and interactively track the performance of your AI and the MSCI World in comparison.

With our tools you can zoom in or out of the graph, select a specific time period, move back and forth in the chart, reset it and download it in three different image formats.

Today's trend for the German stock market

Artificial intelligences built on machine learning algorithms have the ability to learn and make decisions on their own.

For us humans, it is therefore not always comprehensible why the AI makes which decision. With our feature "Today's trend for the German stock market", we want to unravel exactly this mystery.

The tendency of your AI, shows you whether your AI thinks falling or rising prices are more likely.

Data points analyzed today

With the Current Price Development you can transparently and interactively track the performance of your AI and the MSCI World in comparison.

Market risks identified today

Don't worry, your AI keeps an eye on all risks, avoids dangerous situations and keeps full control of the market for you.

Comparison to average

Compare the performance of your personalized AI with that of the MSCI World and see for yourself the power of your artificial intelligence.

Data points analyzed today

In Neoland, your AI takes care of that for you. Check here how many prices, rates and fluctuations your AI has analyzed for you today to make the best investment decision for you.

Transaction history

With the transaction history you get the full overview of all trades that your AI has executed for you. With a click on the button you can easily download a .csv file, which you can open in a spreadsheet program of your choice.


With a click on the link below you can easily download a .csv file, which you can open in a spreadsheet program of your choice. How this works exactly, you will learn here in the manual with the example for Excel.


Expert mode

So that you can act as an expert in your community, we give you an understandable description of financial key figures in the expert mode, with which tracking your AI becomes child's play.

The scale shows you in color how good the value of the key figure is in each case.

You want to know more about the key figures of the Eexpert mode? Then you can find suitable articles on our Neoland blog.